Troglodytic Tragedies

the adventures of cavemen in urban settings

Lan Yingjie
15 November 1990
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I have three vices. Namely, gadgets, good food and books. In order of how much they often cost me that is. I'm a bit of a geek, playing with code and technology and I tend to like to eat a lot. So I took up running to punish myself keep fit and I like the tremendous amount of alone time I get when I just go on a long distance run. Then someone got me hooked on cycling so I spend a bit of time on rides out with friends or just by myself. When I'm not fencing that is, which is another of those things I got hooked onto back when I was in junior college.

I'm studying Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore and I really love biochemistry, which does explain my course. Beyond that I have odd plans here and there, but we'll get to there when we get there, shan't we?