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I spent the whole of yesterday drifting in and out of sleep, mostly because I didn't really have anything much to do in between force-feeding myself porridge and more porridge. Which was a bit of a horror to eat really, I've had way too much of it for the past 2 days. The craving for real solid food and real tastes and textures are driving me up the wall.

So today I got hold of some oat milk and downed 500ml for breakfast. While not exactly what I was hankering after, it was a welcome change! I'm glad I decided to get all 4 out at one go really, I can't imagine repeating this if I only got 2 teeth out, 7 day MCs be damned.

The temperature's hovering around a fever for me and that kinda got annoying when I woke up to find my body coated with sweat. I had the distinct impression that post-operative infections were quite rare for surgeries of this type, but it seems I was rather wrong, so a quick call to NDC put me on paracetamol and here I am typing.

It's rather odd though, I figured ages ago that I would probably spend the entire week reading all those books that I've yet to read since I bought them. But somehow when I sit down here and think about it, I just feel like lazing around and doing nothing whatsoever.


Orionids this weekend! Though I have a strong suspicion that I won't be able to make it >.<.